High Arched Feet


The arch extends from the heel to the ball of the foot. The high arched foot can either be inherited or acquired. It often is accompanied by crooked toes called hammertoes. Slightly higher arches usually pose no problem until later years, when the protective fatty pad starts to break down and painful calluses develop. Due to its abnormal structure, a flat foot frequently causes the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot to function improperly or to be overworked, resulting in symptoms. These symptoms may include pain and/or a cramping sensation in the arch and leg cramps, and an increased tendency toward fatigue or tiredness in the foot and leg.

As you can see, many factors go into the identification and treatment of flat feet. Usually only a simple prescription devise is needed in the shoes to counteract the foot’s tendency to collapse the arch, which helps to prevent many of the foot problems associated with flat feet. Surgery is needed in advanced cases, which is generally very successful. Although many people with flat feet have no problems, it is simply a matter of time before they eventually develop, as our western feet are not well conditioned to function with flat feet overall.

Prescription shoe inserts have been used by physicians for over thirty years to provide stabilization and support to feet whose structure and shape cause numerous painful foot conditions. These devices work based on concepts developed by research begun in the 1960s to understand how the foot functions mechanically, and how that function can be altered to treat foot pain. This article discusses how these orthotic devices work, and how they differ from store-bought inserts. Try not to buy just for color, style or brand name. Shoes can make a statement, but you do not want your statement to be, “I went for the style but can’t run a mile.”

Don’t let the symptoms of high arch feet scare you in the sense that you are not allowed to participate in sports such as running or jogging. With advance technology that’s available today, shoe manufacturers are able to create a shoe for people what have high arch feet Just in case you are experiencing pain and would like to relieve the pressured areas, you can always purchase and use orthotics to relieve some of the pain. Have your foot measured each year. Adult feet can grow and change with age. Make sure you are standing when you have your feet measured, as your body weight expands your foot size.

Ankle sprain is caused when one or more of the ligaments of the ankle is torn or partially torn. Ligaments are injured when some extra force or pressure is applied to it. Ankle sprains are can cause severe pain and swelling. Pain arises because of inflammation of tissues. Treatment of ankle sprains depends on which ligaments are involved and the level of injury. A podiatrist examines your foot and then he may prescribe some medication or some foot care procedures The Heel Spur is a bony growth on the heel, a result of the continuous pulling of the Fascia. This growth triggers pain in the surrounding tissues that get inflamed.

High Arched Feet

High Arch Feet

What is a Bunion? A bunion is often described as a bump on the side of the foot where the toe joint is. However, a bunion is more than that. The visible bump represents actual changes in the bony framework of the foot. This disorder causes the toe to “bow out” instead of pointing straight ahead. Pes cavus is the medical term for a foot having a very high arch, this foot type keeps its high-arched appearance even when weight bearing. This type of foot is much less common than a flat foot (pes planus) but like flat feet, high arches can still lead to major problems.

In theory, unshod runners should experience fewer injuries because there is less impact on their body; the theory is sound, but the research data confirming this is still thin. Minimalist runners also believe their training methods strengthen the smaller supporting muscles of the feet and ankles, and they are right. However, running with shoes does this also, just to a lesser degree, and using a different motion. Obviously women will need different shoes than men as their feet are narrower. Women will need more midsoles support and outsoles as they have wider quadriceps angle. And as women tend to be lighter than men, they will need lesser cushion.

A high-arched foot leans to the outside, which is termed lateral instability. According to Weil Foot and Ankle Institute, lateral instability causes the heel to tilt inward, which forces the rest of the foot to lean outward. This makes it easier for those with a cavus foot to sprain an ankle, sometimes just by walking. Someone with a cavus foot may not be able to tolerate standing for long periods of time because of foot fatigue. Wearing high-topped shoes can help stabilize the ankle. Plantar Fasciitis Corrective shoes may help relieve pain and improve walking. This includes changes to the shoes, such as an arch insert and a support insole.

If you are not satisfied with the ready-made insoles, you can also use custom-made insoles that fit in your shoes perfectly. You can also check out Lynco Aetrex orthotics for runners and athletes. These are one of the best shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis. Sole Ultra heat moldable footbeds are also one of the most effective shoe inserts for an inflamed plantar fascia. Other manufacturers providing good quality shoe inserts include Superfeet, Spenco, Birkenstock and Sorbothane also manufacture insoles. Those who have flat feet will surely benefit by using PowerStep insoles. If you are not able to decide which one is best, you can always consult a podiatrist.

If the child does not have any neurological problems, intoeing is most likely skeletal in origin. Congenital intoeing makes up much of the statistics. In other words, a lot of kids with intoeing already have it at birth. Proper diagnosis of the condition is done through foot inspection. The most common case of intoeing involves metatarsus adductus. This can only be confirmed by a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. 2)Jerk the bar up or move so quickly between reps that momentum is doing most, or any, of the work. You want to have a smooth cadence and a slight pause at both the top and bottom of each rep.

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If your feet have high arches, you can usually tell if your arch curves inward and the center of your foot appear skinny. If you happen to have high arches, you may experience an interesting phenomenon where your feet roll outwards while running, called pronation. Underpronation is where your foot neither rolls in or out and you find yourself pushing off from the small toes on the outside of your foot. Overpronation is where your foot tends to significantly roll inwards, where you push from the large toes of the foot.

Stability shoes offer a excellent mixture of cushioning, support and durability. They often have a semi-curved build and do not control foot motion as strictly as a motion-control shoe does. If you fit the profile of a stability shoe, you have what is called a normal foot You foot lands on the outside of your heel and rolls inwards slightly to absorb shock. If you have a normal to medium arch and your pronation is mild to moderate then this type shoe will be best suited for you. Learn the arm behind the back technique about with expert advice on scapula massage in this free massage video clip.